Educate Your Network!

With all the misinformation the regime continues to propagate, it is key to ensure we are communicating effectively the reality of what is happening in Syria. 

It is key that we drive the narrative on the revolution - not the regime - and you can play a major role in achieving this!

Hold a Local Event!

There are events and activities being developed across the country everyday to support the revolutionary demands and ensure the voices of our people are amplified here in North America!

There can never be enough events for Syria! Play your part and help develop an activity in your area - ideas include:

  • Educational panels
  • Vigils
  • Protests
  • Flash Mob demos
  • Concerts
  • Fundraising dinners

If you need help connecting you to local organizations, qualified speakers or want ideas for events in your area please contact us!

Donate to Humanitarian Efforts!

The Syrian people are suffering and whether it is one dollar or thousands everyone has the opportunity to make an impact.

There are many non-profit charities supporting humanitarian efforts including, Karam FoundationLife for Relief and DevelopmentIslamic Relief USA, Maram Foundation and the Zakat Foundation to name a few.

To evaluate US-based charities/ non-profits, visit Charity Navigator and Guide Star.

Confront Regime Propagandists!

Confront those who are pushing the regime's narrative and myths - whether they are doing so deliberately, or are just 'repeating' what they heard - whether they are Syrian, Arabs or whoever!

It is critical to ensure that the reality of what is happening in Syria is communicated here - let's make sure we challenge those who are twisting reality!