The National Alliance for Syria is a network of Syrians dedicated to the creation and development of a democratic Syria; free from sectarian privileges, a nation to represent the people, equally.

NAFS was created by Syrian organizers and activists in North America to create cohesion and connectivity across the local networks.

We recognize that the richness of Syria comes from the diversity of our people - whether ethnically, religiously, socio-economically. With this diversity comes the need to articulate a shared vision that all Syrians can feel proud of, and more importantly take ownership of. The principles identified in the Platform for Unity below provide the framework for this collective vision:

  • Egalitarianism: All citizens are equal before the law
  • Humanitarianism: All citizens are entitled to their human rights
  • Civil Society: As intended since independence, the government of Syria will remain secular.
  • Freedom: All citizens will be guarantee freedom of expression, religion, opinion, press - the right to assemble peacefully & pursue grievances
  • Democracy: Syria will be organized on the basis of one person, one vote
  • Economic Opportunity: Syrians will be allowed to exercise his or her own economic self-determination
  • Resources: All proceeds from the nationalized resources will be re-invested in the Syrian economy
  • Education: Education of its citizens is required as a safeguard of liberty and order
  • Transparency: Representatives will be accountable for their responsibilities and to the transparency of all public sector activities
  • Meritocracy: To ensure resources of the nation are properly managed, corruption eradicated and both public and private sector motivated