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Why Demand Columbia University Rescind the Acceptance of an Assad Aide?

We are all outraged that a media adviser to Bashar al-Assad has been accepted into Columbia University’s School of International Public Affairs (SIPA).

There is something terribly wrong, when an individual who has been advising Assad on how to ‘spin’ and cover up massacres by the regime is rewarded for their ‘experience’ and accepted into one of the prestigious educational institutions in America.

To make matters worse, through a referral/ recommendation from Barbara Walters for helping her setup the now infamous Assad interview back in December 2011.

There is a petition being circulated online calling for Columbia to rescind their acceptance – please sign and share widely!

If you are a Columbia student or alumni, please mention your affiliation in the petition. And also contact the administration directly - they want to hear from you!

This is a human issue – people of conscious, regardless of background are all taking part in this effort.

This is not about personally attacking a 22 year old ‘student’. Rather this is a political issue where one of Assad’s close aides, has the opportunity to personally benefit (per her own statement) from her experience in advising a dictator on how to cover up massacres.

Additionally, another major concern is the informer role she can play at Columbia, informing on fellow Syrian students who are pro-revolution, risking their safety and the safety of loved ones back in Syria who are at risk (Assad regime spying on Syrians in the US is a major issue).

Many have mentioned that the unscrupulous characters connected to dictatorships have always been accepted to US universities – This is not acceptable in a post-"Arab Spring" world. There was a status quo before March 15 2011, before Mohamad Bouazizi self-immolation in December 2010, were this behavior may have acceptable. Not anymore – we cannot reward those who have an active role in assisting brutal regimes to cover up their tracks.

Finally, if Columbia University is interested in helping Syrian students, there are many languishing here, who cannot afford to pay tuition, and can’t go home due to the regime onslaught.

Please sign the petition and share!

Thank you,

National Alliance for Syria 

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